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PowerPoint Templates that Impress!

Give stunning presentations with our easy-to-use PowerPoint templates!

PowerPoint Templates Volume 1

Volume 1 - Designs
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Hi-resolution graphics designed by professional agency artists.
All Templates Include:
Over 20 custom graphs, charts & diagrams that you can easily edit.
Enhanced text layouts with coordinated color & font selections.
Custom print template to use for presentation handouts.
All templates are pre-formatted to work with Microsoft 97 or later.
No experience is required to use these templates! Browse all now

Single Template: $10.95

Single Volume (20 Templates): $24.95

All 3 Volumes (60 Templates): $49.95...Buy Now

All Templates & Backgrounds: $79.95... Buy Now

PowerPoint Templates Volume 2

PowerPoint Templates Volume 3

Each Template: $10.95
All Templates: $24.95

Use the eye-catching graphics in this original set of PowerPoint templates to leave a positive impression with your audience.

Our template designs use just the right amount of graphics - enough to add a richness to your presentation, but not too many as to overpower your message.

Volume 2 - Designs
Volume 3 - Photos
Each Template: $10.95
All Templates: $24.95
Each Template: $10.95
All Templates: $24.95

Our second volume of PowerPoint templates includes a broad range of colors from cool blues to deep reds.

Our color and graphic choices are based on years of experience doing presentations for large corporate clients. With these selections, you'll be assured of getting your message across effectively.

If photo-based PowerPoint presentations are more your style, you'll love this set of templates.

All of our photo-based templates are provided in high-resolution and are royalty-free. Like our other volumes, they were created to enhance presentation messages and not detract from them.